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Pregnancy and birth doula for Melbourne families.

Your birth, your way.

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Hi, I'm Beth.

I'm a Melbourne pregnancy & birth doula with a passion for supporting families birthing both at home and within the hospital system. My goal is to help families feel supported, loved, informed, held and celebrated.

You freaking deserve that!

I’m cheeky and witty, a justice seeking bad ass balanced with a sensitive soul who will probably have a little tear roll down my face at your birth.


I provide the continuity of care that is missing in todays maternity system & empower you to go for the birth that YOU want! This looks like being your cheerleader, your ally, your advocator and your birthing best bud.  

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My Services

birth doula - Beth Burke - Melbourne

Pregnancy & Birth Doula

I provide support throughout your pregnancy and I'll be there for as long as you need me during your birth experience. I'm there for you every step of the way.

Pregnancy doula - Beth Burke - Melbourne

Pregnancy Doula

I empower families for an informed, positive birth experience no matter how that looks to them.

Beth Burke - Melbourne doula
"Beth taught me so much about birth and what my body was capable of. When we first met I was quite fearful of birth as I was going for a VBAC and had never experienced labour, but by the end of my pregnancy I was so excited for the big day and wish that I could have lots of babies and do it all again.
She has such a relaxed manner that it just feels like you are chatting with a friend (who knows a shitload about birth!) and I especially loved that she never enforced her views on me, but rather let me explore all options and come up with the best birth map for my family."

Erin & Mo

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