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What does a doula do?

  • What happens if you’re not available when I go in to labour?
    I do everything I can to ensure this doesn’t happen, including not taking on too many clients. That being said, we all know it’s possible! I work with some amazing back up doula’s so you will always have access to one of them. If you would like, we can always organise a chat between you and who would be your back up doula at the time to make sure you feel comfortable.
  • How does payment work?
    I ask for 50% upon signing up with me, and the remainder by 34 weeks. In saying that, I'm more than happy to put a payment plan if place if that suits you better. I'm flexible!
  • How do you feel about hospital staff (ie do you get on with them?!)
    I think midwives and OB’s are amazing humans who work incredibly hard at their jobs. I see it as one of my roles to ensure we have a great vibe in your birthing space and that includes forming great relationships with your medical care providers. I ALSO see it as one of my roles to ensure that you are being given the opportunity to provide informed consent, that you are being heard and that your preferences are being taken on board. Majority of the time, I can do this in a pretty chilled out, friendly manner.
  • Do you provide postpartum support as well?
    While I strongly believe in supported postpartum, it’s not where my passion and abilities lie. I work with some EPIC postpartum doula’s and we can definitely join together to create your dream support team. With all of my clients, I do provide one postpartum visit to create a space for a for birth debrief and to touch base with how youre going and refer on if needed.
  • Do you have any training?
    Sure do. I proudly trained with the Australian Doula College and am a certified Birth & Post-Natal Doula. I’m a bit of a birth nerd and love keeping up with as much as I can in this space, so you’ll constantly find me doing short courses in things like Spinning Babies, Optimal Maternal Positioning, human rights in the birth space, perinatal and postpartum mental health, breastfeeding etc etc.
  • What does a doula do?
    A doula is a non-medical companion who provides emotional and physical support to women and their families before, during and after childbirth. Here's a breakdown of what a doula typically does: Provide emotional support: Doulas can help you feel confident and informed about childbirth. They can listen to your concerns and help you develop a birth plan. Provide physical support: Doulas can teach you comfort measures, such as massage and breathing techniques, to help you manage labor pain. Offer information: Doulas can provide you with information about your choices during childbirth. Support your partner: Doulas can help your partner feel more involved and informed about the birth process. Help after birth: Doulas can help you with breastfeeding, newborn care, and adjusting to life with a new baby.
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