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Beth taught me so much about birth and what my body was capable of. When we first met I was quite fearful of birth as I was going for a VBAC and had never experienced labour, but by the end of my pregnancy I was so excited for the big day and wish that I could have lots of babies and do it all again. She has such a relaxed manner that it just feels like you are chatting with a friend (who knows a shitload about birth!) and I especially loved that she never enforced her views on me, but rather let me explore all options and come up with the best birth map for my family. 
Erin & Mo

When I started searching for a doula, I had a strong idea of who I was looking for, but had little hope of finding them. I wanted to be guided through pregnancy by someone who knew how to navigate the public health system, was a mother themself, had a strong sense of humour and wasn't too 'woo', if I can put it that way. I had a lot of anxiety and felt that finding a doula who could educate me on what I needed to know and speak to their own anecdotal experience of motherhood would see me through to having the birth I wanted to have. Beth was all of this and more for me and my partner - we adore her. I had significant anxiety throughout my pregnancy which Beth consistently successfully attended to. Her insights into how the public health system works were invaluable and paved a pathway for me to successfully advocate for the birth I felt I needed (and got!). She is a fantastic listener and very relatable - I felt completely at ease speaking with her about the things that worried me. I feel that she did an exhaustive amount of emotional labour to help me through a psychologically, hormonally tumultuous pregnancy which led to me being incredibly well prepared for birth and beyond. If I fall pregnant again, there's no one else I would go to.

Shele & Dave


The title "doula" was a little vague in the beginning. Now I know, Beth wasn't just another person in the birth space - her work was way more than that, starting weeks earlier. Educating, advocating, counselling, preparing, then, cheerleading.

She was on the same wavelength as my husband - especially in the crucial moments.

Most importantly, she trusted that I could make my birth what I needed it to be.

Even the curve balls that were thrown at me, I felt I could overcome it knowing I was mentally prepared and supported.

Beth trusted that I would trust myself - something I'm not always the best at.

Being supported by Beth made our pregnancy, birth and post partum experience much more empowering and fulfilling.
Grace & Arran

Beth was professional from start to finish. She was very friendly, supportive, and knowledgeable leading up to the birth of our first child, including providing some amazing hints and tips and answering our very questions thoroughly. She tailored her services and communication style to what we needed at the time, including making sure the information she provided was evidence based. We were so delighted to have Beth accompany us on our birthing journey and beyond as she ended up being our pregnancy angel.

Shailla & Jules

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As an anxious first time mum, I really valued having Beth’s guidance and calming presence throughout my pregnancy and birth. She answered our questions in a non biased way, supported our preferences, and shared her knowledge and resources so that we felt confident in our choices. She would check in on us between sessions and was there whenever we needed to ask anything. 

Although our birth went in an unexpected direction, Beth helped us understand how unpredictable some aspects of it can be and we were satisfied with the decisions which were within our control. We learnt so much throughout this process, not just about birth but what life with a newborn would be like. I’m so happy and thankful to have had her on my support team.

Lina & Tom

It’s hard to articulate the impact Beth had on my pregnancy and birth experience. When hunting for a doula I was looking for someone not only highly competent with a good working knowledge of evidence-based information, but someone down-to-earth and easy to get along with. Beth was all that and so, so much more. Her compassion, attention to detail and advice during my pregnancy was always balanced and insightful, and her support during my long labour made me feel safe and played a huge role in the empowering experience I ended up having. My husband and I will be forever grateful that we met her.
Mel & Richard
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We were late in our pregnancy when we met with Beth. Hesitating for a while if we wanted a doula. Once we met Beth we instantly knew that we had made the right choice, wishing we had met Beth earlier. Beth’s knowledge, calming nature and great sense of humor allowed us to feel supported and empowered. Beth ‘just knew’ what tips to give and what to say which was invaluable for our journey. Thank you for helping us experience such a magical birth.

Emma & Luella

Beth was incredibly supportive throughout our pregnancy and we were so glad that we found her! She was understanding about all of our decisions and very knowledgeable for anything we didn’t know. Beth eased so much of my birthing anxiety and made me confident in my body’s capabilities. Beth taught us lots of positional movements to bring on active labour which did wonders and her encouragement allowed me to labour at home confidently. From start to finish, Beth was there and knew exactly what I needed before I even had to ask. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without her in our birth! She made our birth story a positive one and helped us significantly in bringing our baby girl into the world happily and healthily!

Tayla & Geoff


We met with several doulas but decided to hire Beth because of her sense of humour and non-judgemental, down to earth attitude. Having experienced a traumatic first birth with multiple complications, I was very anxious about the prospect of a second birth. Beth could not have been more empathetic and understanding of my situation. She took the time to completely understand my experience and my perspective, as well as acknowledging all of the reasons I was feeling nervous about the second birth. At every stage of my pregnancy, Beth made it clear that she was there for me in whatever capacity I needed her. Having that extra level of care was absolutely invaluable. It felt as though her main aim throughout my pregnancy was to leave me feeling confident in my body’s ability and also to leave me feeling well informed.

Beth was present during my entire labour and birth and was such a calming, reassuring presence. She encouraged me and helped me through every stage and made so many helpful suggestions about changing positions, using different pain management techniques, etc. so that I could have the kind of labour and birth I had been hoping for.

I am so, so glad that we made the investment to hire Beth as our doula. Her support during my pregnancy and birth was superb and I would definitely recommend her services.

Laura & Chris

Beth was instrumental in us achieving our VBAC (and we say us, because it was a team effort!). She educated and informed us - whilst supporting our choices. We had a young toddler at home with no external support, so a repeat Cesarean would have made things very difficult for us. We were empowered through our birth to ensure our wishes were heard. Beth continued to provide support postpartum, helping mum transition to a mum of 2 under 2 seamlessly. Beth vibed perfectly with mum’s no-nonsense attitude. There’s no way we could have birthed the way we did without her.
Stacey & Rob


We could not be more grateful for Beth’s support, guidance and reassurance throughout our pregnancy and birth. We connected with her in the late stages of third trimester, and she fully embraced our preference for a natural intervention free water birth whilst helping us to find peace with whatever path our birth ended up taking on the day. She provided evidence based and easy to digest resources to help us make informed decisions and played a seamless and pivotal role throughout labour, working closely with our birth support team.  Thank you for helping us to experience a beautiful and empowering birth.

Courtney & Chris

From Mum:
When I think about my birth, and I try to put into words how incredibly valuable Beth's support was, I find that the words dont do it justice. Chasing a VBAC after a pre-labour c-section, I had to reframe what birth was in my mind. From the first call, Beth and I had an incredibly easy relationship. Trust was immediate, we laughed, bonded and she created a safe space to ask questions and release the experience of my first birth.

Beth gave facts and advice based in science and research, she gave me emotional encouragement and I absolutely believed I could birth the way I wanted. Because Beth believed in me, I believed in myself. The birth space she created for me, the words of affirmation, keeping my husband involved and informed through birth... It all contributed to my successful VBAC. Beth was able to communicate with and navigate the hospital system with us easily so I never felt alone. Everyone deserves a doula, and I truly believe everyone deserves a Beth at their birth.


From Dad:
As a man who really has no clue about birthing, It's safe to admit I didn't think I necessarily needed a doula for the birth of our second child, but maybe it was something my wife needed and I'll support that. I dont think I realised how much we needed it, until our baby boy was in our arms.

Beth was really sensitive to our dynamic and was able to work her magic into that natural flow. She was there when we needed her and wasn't far when we were doing well, and that gave us the confidence to safely navigate through the birth journey.

Highly recommend this deadset legend.

Kira & Dave


Beth was recommended to us by our close friends who couldn’t stop raving about their positive birth experience with her as their doula - and it’s the best thing we ever did.

Upon meeting Beth, we knew straight away that she would play a pivotal role in our pregnancy and birthing journey. She was kind, caring, open, fun and exactly what we needed as first time parents.

I knew I wanted someone who was going to be a constant for us during such an amazing, yet sometimes overwhelming, time in our lives. Someone who could guide us and educate us to feel confident and empowered around how we wanted to birth. Someone who understood our birth preferences and who we could put our full trust in when quick decisions needed to be made. Someone who could be an emotional support when things got too much and to answer all of our silly questions, no matter the time of day.

Beth well and truly exceeded these expectations and we could not be more grateful for the care, support and confidence she gave us.

I still remember looking over at Beth when we were holding our little boy in our arms for the first time. She had a big smile on her face and was beaming with pride. Seeing her share in our joy during such a special moment is exactly why we would recommend Beth to anyone who is considering having a doula.

Jess & Jason


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I acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation who are the traditional custodians of the land on which I live and work. I pay my respect to the Elders of the past, present and future.

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